Server Information / How To setup:

Files needed:

extract gt folder with the dbc folder
thats is how your server folder should look like.
First Run mysqlstarter.exe
Second Run bnetserver.exe
Third Run worldserver.exe
Make sure everything is loaded.
Next you will need to manually edit WTF/ to :

SET portal ""
SET textLocale "enUS"
SET audioLocale "enUS"
SET agentUID "wow_enus"

For the next step you will need to have blizzard client download prior to adding my wod launcher files.

Go to blizzard and download the free trial account and then add my files to the client folder.

Please note the client needs to be installed 100%.

Next i've provided a connection patcher for you to patch your wow_patched.exe
Just take your wow.exe and drag it ontop of connection_patcher.exe and release
and it will create the patch for you.

Command to create accounts: .bnetaccount create user@apex password

Anyone having issue setting up the gm level for account


Please boot the server and create an account on worldserver.exe by entering the following syntax:

.bnetaccount create [email][/email] password

Now you have an account created as per the picture below:

Notice the field called username '3#1

remember that number

go back to worldserver.exe and enter this syntax:

.account set gmlevel 3#1 3 -1

as per the picture below:

Now you will get the last string

security level of account 3#1 changed to 3

that means that the gm level has been set to you account that you created.

if your not sure check this table in the auth database as per the picture below:

Bingo you have a gm account when you log into the server.

and thats it your server should be up and the client should be edited as per above, and use the username and password that you created and log into the game an enjoy.

This guide is 100% exactly what you need to do to make it work.

Our realmlist for all expansions is: ' SET portal "" '.

Don't have the game yet? Download it below.



Legion Client (Play while downloading)